le big balinski

the vanbinski drawing archive, 1998-2013
the vanbinski drawing archive, 1998-2013

It is done!

Some of you know the former binski bilderbox --LE BIG BALINSKI-- as my ongoing self-hypnosis in bookform. It is containing the last 15 years or so of my openly silly drawings and doodles, personal work sketches and text fragments, which i now made partly accessible online.

I had planned to do this mostly for myself for quite a while, but now thought i might aswell share it with you, the probably tiny but allthewhile anonymous audience out there -- so if you like, you can now find it all here in drawing a-n (and more, for another rainy moment, in drawing o-z).


The somewhat protecting chronological order of the books and their connecting contextual logic is long gone, so the naked visual bits are now listed in the rigorous alphabetical order of their descriptive titles. Which transforms it all into this strange little personal dictionary, deliberately revealing a lot of my innermost idiot right with it. Maybe I dont speak binskich all the time.


I do warn you though, to not overdose, these drawings were done ONE AT A TIME, and most of them in super slow motion, with uncounted moments of seriously wondering wether at all, and if so, how on EARTH to go on with any line, dot or spot. I obviously did go on regardless of the consequences, but you are welcome to comment on any of it.

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vanbinski / chantal labinski is an artist based in berlin, germany.

Her work travels freely between the changing fields of urban art,

triggering different kinds of public happening or playfully using text

and visual interventions as ways of redefining space and time.


COPYRIGHT of all material in this website belongs to Chantal Labinski, unless stated otherwise. PLEASE DO NOT download, copy or reproduce ANY of the material without my written permission. If you like to be invited to any of my shows, or if you are interested in cooperations, please mail to : labinski (at) posteo (dot) de .